I'm afraid of needles...Is it painful?

Under the guidance of a skilled clinician, acupuncture should be minimally painful. The needles used in an acupuncture treatment are extremely thin. Although the patient may feel a slight sensation upon insertion, most patients report feelings of relaxation and a meditative state.

are the needles clean or reused ever?

Each needle used is stainless steel, sterile, single use, and disposable, making acupuncture one of the safest and most effective medical interventions on the planet. Acupuncture needles are never reused.

what can i expect for my first acupuncture appointment?

In your initial treatment, which will typically last about 75-90 minutes, you will be asked more specific questions about your immediate health concerns, as well as questions pertaining to your personal health history and habits. A brief physical exam will follow, after which you will be given an acupuncture treatment.

Follow up treatments typically last approximately 45 minutes, and will include a brief assessment of any relief or worsening of the condition following your previous treatment.

Prior to your appointment we will send you specific directions to prepare for your first treatment.

We kindly ask that you give 24 hours notice if an appointment needs to be rescheduled or cancelled.

What should I wear?

Please wear loose fitting, easily adjustable clothing so that points located on the torso, back and limbs may be easily accessed. We provide sheets for additional draping if necessary.

Is acupuncture covered under my insurance plan?

At this time we are unable to accept health insurance, although we are happy to provide you with the proper paperwork to be submitted to your insurance provider for reimbursement.