classical Japanese acupuncture group

This group was formed for the student and practitioner of acupuncture interested in learning Classical Japanese Acupuncture, a style based primarily on touch diagnosis through observation of pulse and abdomen. The group is led by Brian Shane Neill, a Columbus based acupuncturist and one of the few certified Hari instructors. Brian draws on extensive knowledge having studied with the Ki Shin Po, a society of blind master acupuncturists in Kyoto, Japan. Brian has studied with some of the most highly respected Japanese masters of acupuncture, including Koei Kuwahara, Shudo Denmei, Masanori Tanioka and Testsuhiro Shiomi.



saturday 9/28, 12-3pm at peak brain performance.

Join us for an interactive study of Japanese Hara Acupuncture. Sessions 1-3 are complimentary.

Contact Michael Hartlaub or Mark Simonds for additional details.


Please read the following handouts to prepare for session 2:

Ren Mai

Du Mai

Dai Mai

Chong Mai

Yin Wei Mai

Yang Wei Mai

Yin Qiao Mai

Yang Qiao Mai

Hand Shao Yin Mai

Hand Yang Ming Mai

Leg Yang Ming Mai

Foot Jue Yin Mai

Session Series Plan

1. Palpation techniques of blind Japanese Acupuncturists, how to feel "Alive" Points. Saturday 8/31/2019

2. Extraordinary Vessel Hara Diagnosis, the work of Miyawaki Sensei. Saturday 9/28/2019

3. Hara Diagnosis related to main Meridians and Sensei Kuwahara. Saturday 10/26/2019

4. 12 Position Comparative Pulse Diagnosis by Sensei Kuwahara. TBA

5. Correct Pulse Changes according to correct Point locations. Masanori Tanioka teachings on skin condition for moxa or needle techniques. TBA

6. Tonification and Reduction needle techniques from blind master Shiomi Sensei. The work of Shudo Denmei with SSRI needle techniques. TBA

7. Root treatment. TBA

8. Branch Treatment. TBA

9. Refine and Reflect, Community Clinic (A free clinic for charity). TBA (ongoing)

Recommended Text:

Denmei, Shudo. Finding Effective Acupuncture Points

Ikeda, Masakazu. The Practice of Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion: Classic Principles in Action

Ikeda, Masakazu. Integration of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine: Theory and Practice

Manaka, Yoshio. Chasing the Dragon’s Tail